Top 5 educational smartphone apps for your child

May 06, 2016

With the abundance of smartphones in today's world, there's no doubt that by a young age your little one will already know how to fully navigate your device - maybe even better than you can! Though it may be easy to hand off your phone, iPad or e-book to keep your child entertained on a car ride or in the waiting room, that doesn't mean it has to be just to watch a show or play music. Believe it or not there are a number of engaging, educational apps available for kids.

Here are the top five educational apps for children:

1. Read Me Stories: Learn to Read
Verizon Wireless reports that the No. 1 best learning and educational app for toddlers is Read Me Stories: Learn to Read. Packed with interactive features, interesting stories and even vocal phonetics, your little one will be thrilled to open up the app and practice reading. Perfect for beginning readers, this app is tailored to a variety of reading levels and allows children to learn at their own pace. Starting with alphabet, phonics, pronunciation and vocabulary education tools, this app will have your little one sounding out words, forming sentences and reading stories in no time!

2. Preschool Math Games for Kids 
Help your little one practice her addition and subtraction skills and much more with this fun and interactive app that incorporates a variety of lessons. Based on research conducted on how children can most easily learn math ensures that your child is effectively learning, according to Google Play. In fact, further research found that Preschool Math Games for Kids actually increased a child's ability to solve math problems.

This captivating app drives interest in solving math problems with its creative design and soft background music. Fun and engaging, this math app is perfect for simultaneously teaching and distracting your little one during trips down the grocery store aisles, car rides to school or while you're making dinner. 

There are plenty of fun, interactive and educational apps to promote learning for your child.There are plenty of fun, interactive and educational apps to promote learning for your child.

3. Cookie Monster's Challenge
According to Parents magazine, Cookie Monster's Challenge helps prepare your little one for school by teaching focus, self-control and direction-following. Created by PBS Kids and Sesame Workshop, this app guides children through nine different levels of mini educational games that focus on key skills - such as memory and problem solving - to eventually build the ultimate cookie-making machine.

Not only is this app great for school readiness, but also for strengthening cognitive function and building confidence. Ideal for engaging children between the ages of 3- and 5-years-old, it was the winner of the 2015 Parents' Choice Foundation Silver Award, according to iTunes.

4. Elmo Loves 123s
Another creation from everybody's favorite, Sesame Street, this app is perfect for teaching the rules of simple adding and subtracting, the proper form of numbers and how to identify and count numbers one through 20. Parents magazine reports that this app also opens surprises along the way to keep your little one engaged, such as coloring pages, videos and puzzles. Best of all, lovable Elmo and character  Abby Cadabby help to guide kids through mathematics learning.

Math, reading and memory games can both occupy and teach your little one at the same time.Math, reading and memory games can both occupy and teach your little one at the same time.

5. Monkey Preschool Explorers
Also recommended by Verizon Wireless as one of the five best educational apps for kids, Monkey Preschool Explorers is a game and a learning tool all in one! Using this app will help your toddler learn numbers, shapes, colors, fruits, letters and more. As they make their way through skies, rivers and jungles, children not only learn fundamentals but also develop and train their memory and creative thinking by matching and remembering clues. An interactive monkey keeps it fun and exciting for your little one but giving gifts of stickers and hats for each correct answer.

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