How to make a terrarium with your little one in 5 easy steps

February 10, 2016

Making a terrarium with your child is easy and fun. Plus when you and your child are finished with your creations, they can serve as beautiful decorative additions for your home. The final product can also be used as an authentic and one-of-a-kind present for teachers, friends or family members. Get your hands dirty and let your creativity radiate as you and your child create a mini plant sanctuary.

Have a terrarium party for your child with friends or make it a special event with just the two of you or the whole family.

Too hard to "contain" your excitement
Find your plants a home. You and your little one are going to want to find a smooth container or glass mason jar, according to Mom It Forward, Inc. It can be of any size or shape - as long as you and you both find it appealing and it will make for a wonderful little plant sanctuary.

Go on an adventure and buy one from a local garden shop or try to find one in your own home, like a clean and recycled applesauce or pasta sauce jar. For the plants to survive, it's wise to choose a clear container that has a lid and can be sealed to keep in the moisture and allow the plants to thrive in the humidity, according to Martha Stewart Living.

Succulents are the best plants for terrariums. Succulents are the best plants for terrariums.

Let it grow
Choosing the plants to put in your terrariums is so exciting. Explain to your child that it is important to get plants like succulents, cacti, moss and ferns because they don't require as much sunlight. These types of plants aren't high maintenance and don't need to be constantly watered if they're planted in a closer container or jar. When condensation takes place it produces humidity inside, which prevents the plants from drying out, according to Martha Stewart Living.

Purchase some charcoal and soil or dirt that is specifically meant for cacti or succulent plants to thrive.

Fairy land
The best part about making terrariums is being able to be as creative as you and your little one desire. Allow your child to come up with a theme for his or her terrarium. For example if he or she loves the ocean, the seashells and little glass fish could look wonderful. You can purchase tiny decorations that could fit inside your mini garden, like little ferries or gnomes along with the pebbles or rocks.

"Place the rocks at the bottom for drainage purposes."

Now that you have everything you need, assist your child and complete your terrarium by following these five steps:

1. Take your glass jar or container that you and your child are going to be using for your plants' home. Clean it out and dry it.   

2. Place the rocks or shells as a base at the bottom of the jar, about one and a half inches, for drainage purposes and to collect any water that trickles down.

3. This is the part that starts to get messy. You may want to do this outside, to prevent a mess from happening in the house. Also wear clothes that you would wear outside gardening. Once you have the rocks or shells placed neatly at the bottom, add the horticultural charcoal. A small layer will suffice. Then apply a thicker layer of the dirt or soil.

4. After the bases are nicely layered, you can start planting. Remove the plants from the containers. You and your child can use a spoon to dig or scoop a little hole to place the plants and their roots underneath the dirt.

5. Lastly, add any decorations that can sustain the environment. You can decorate around the planted cacti or succulents with pebbles or little fairy ornaments.

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