5 fun and educational family contests

March 17, 2016

Everyone's a winner during family fun time, even when you're competing in teams against one another. Enjoy the five following fun and educational contests the whole family can enjoy together.

1. Treasure hunt
A treasure hunt is a great way for your children to concentrate and figure out clues as well as use their counting skills to move along from start to finish. Have a treasure hunt inside the house or in the backyard. Be creative and come up with funny clues or riddles for your little ones to solve, then mark each clue in a numbered sequence and hide them in easy to reach areas. One clue will lead to another until the final one is discovered by the first person who reaches it at the end.

Depending on the size of your family, you can have teams to find the clues or do it individually. To keep the energy and excitement alive, and because kids enjoy finding things, place little treats along the way, like candy or good2grow 100% juice, Today's Parent magazine suggests. Your child will feel motivated to find the final clue and discover the big surprise at the end. 

"Practice using listening skills and following directions."

2. Twister 
Twister is a great game for your family to let loose, stay balanced and more than likely crack up at the ridiculous poses you end up jumbled in. While playing, your children will practice using listening skills and follow directions. Twister can be played on the living room floor or outside on the grass.

You can make your own Twister board in the backyard. To make the board, trace circles around plates on a cardboard box or a poster board, then cut out circles, SheKnows.com recommends. Then use different colored spray paints to paint the inside of each circle. The traditional game comes with a spinner to land on, determining what move to make next, but you can easily replace this. By simply using paint samples from a store like Home Depot, or colored construction paper to cut out different colored squares. Print out pictures of the foot or hand online to glue on each colored square, marking each one with either right or left. Then place all the pieces in a hat or bowl. Pick someone to draw the pieces and call out directions. If you fall, you're out.

Have a cupcake-making contest with your family. Have a cupcake-making contest with your family.

3. Cupcake-making contest
Nothing says family bonding time like being in close quarters in the kitchen, baking yummy treats. Each parent should be the team captain to provide assistance and relay directions while measuring ingredients and using the oven. Let your children pick the flavor of the batter and the toppings when they are baked.

You can make your own set of rules to follow during this baking contest. The challenge may be who can make the best cupcakes, in terms of presentation and taste. If you have an odd number of family members, let one child be the judge to see who has the best design or which cupcakes taste the yummiest. After the winner is picked, enjoy the treats and judge for yourself.

4. Bingo
You can play the traditional game of Bingo or create your own ahead of time. Make your own boards and pieces to incorporate family spirit, by cutting out photos of your family members' and pets faces. 

Once you hand out the boards to everyone, distribute little pieces of candy in replace of bingo chips. Call out the name of a family member and if your board has their picture, mark it with the candy. The goal of Bingo is to get five squares in a row up and down, diagonally or from left to right. Whoever calls out Bingo first, wins!

5. Picture charades
Bring out your creative side while playing the artsy guessing game of picture charades. Try to guess the images drawn by members of your team to collect the most points and win a sweet victory. Divide your family up into two teams. Set up a chalkboard, whiteboard or big sheets of paper. Provide enough pieces of chalk, markers or crayons to draw your images. Decide on a topic with a group consensus, whether it be categories of animals or food, for example. Once you have the category, write down words related to the subject and then place it in a hat or bowl. 

Whoever's turn it is, has to draw the object written on the piece of paper randomly chosen. While drawing, your team members can shout out guesses. Once the person starts to draw, set a timer to guess the image in that allocated time. If you guess the image in the certain amount of time, your team gets a point. Play as many rounds as you wish until you have the winning team. The best part is being able to save the pictures your children drew for keepsakes once the game is over. 

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